Subaru Impreza Design Concept; Next Impreza?

Although a well-engineered car, the styling of the current Subaru Impreza is a bit dated. A restyle is long overdo. At the LA Auto Show this week, the Japanese automaker showed the crowd that it is busy at work, debuting the Impreza Design concpet for all to see.

Although labeled as a “concept”, Subaru says the concept gives a hint of a future Subaru (which we’re hoping is the next Impreza). As a demonstration of its new “Confidence in Motion” design language, Subaru says the Impreza Design Concept conveys a sporty and lively “four-door coupe” style.

The concept is powered by a 2.0L naturally aspirated Boxer engine with a Lineartronicâ„¢ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). More details can be found the Japanese automaker’s press release.

1 thought on “Subaru Impreza Design Concept; Next Impreza?”

  1. From the sketches, the redesigned Impreza actually looks surprisingly good. This brand never really appealed to me and I never noticed their vehicles much (or saw a lot of them on the road for that matter) but it looks pretty decent from the front in the picture.

    Interior and instrument cluster looks rather futuristic and modern with all that blue backdrop lighting. The only thing I would be worried about is reliability… It’s probably not on par with Toyota or Honda in that department.


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