Driver, Passenger Unharmed In Brutal Tesla Model 3 Crash

Totaled Crashed Tesla Model 3

Say what you will about Elon Musk and Tesla, but there is no denying that his company makes some truly safe cars. Judging from one owner’s experience in a high-speed crash, the Tesla Model 3 in particular should have no issue acing any crash test.

Reddit user Model_3_Crash_Dummy shared a totaled Model 3 that had its passenger’s compartment almost entirely intact and its entire cabin nearly filled with deployed airbags. The driver and front passenger miraculously walked away with only minor injuries.

The circumstances surrounding the crash are still a bit murky, but the Model 3 reportedly slammed into a parked car at about 60 mph (96 km/h). The driver suffered an injured right ankle as a result of his foot jamming the accelerator pedal, while the passenger of the vehicle sustained a nasty cut from his / her arm striking and shattering the Model 3’s central screen.

The driver was very grateful for his blessings considering things could have been much worse, stating:

“My only complaint about this car is that during the crash my passenger’s arm hit the screen and shattered it which prevented me from opening the glove box w/ title and insurance. Needs a manual option. Also my passenger got a pretty big cut on her arm. Maybe add a screen airbag. All in all it is a phenomenal car and I owe my life to Tesla.”

In fact, so impressed by the Model 3’s crash protection that he placed an order for another one not long after the accident.

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