Nissan Teatro for Dayz Concept is a Smartphone on Wheels

At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan Motors unveiled Nissan Teatro for Dayz Concept (yes, that’s its name), which they describe as a car optimized for ‘digital natives’ (AKA ‘share natives’).

Digital natives is the name given to the generation now approaching driving age; in other words, the youngest of the millennials. Based on the Japan-only Dayz kei car, it makes a bold statement with a smooth, iPad-esque white exterior with a floating tall roof and all-black wheels.

Similarly, the interior has many smooth white surfaces and is designed to enable occupants to create and share experiences immediately with friends, both onboard and online. As such, it’s jam-packed with touchscreens, which can be found on the instrument panel, seats and even doors.

As expected of a car for millennials, power is provided by an all-electric powertrain, details of which were not provided.

The main point of the Teatro for Dayz is — in Nissan’s words — to show that “cars can be mobile devices for occupants interested in creating, connecting and sharing.” As evidenced by their recent car designs, the Japanese automaker wants to make cars exciting for Generation Y, consumers whose interest in vehicles is fading rapidly.

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