New Land Rover Defender Coming in 2018, Will Be Sold in U.S.

After a millennia on the this planet, the antiquated Land Rover Defender is finally out to pasture. Its replacement will be revealed sometime in 2018 and promises to be an all-around better SUV.

With Defender traditionalists being extremely resistant to change, the new Defender will have a lot riding on its shoulders, and everyone wants to know how Land Rover’s engineers and designers will modernize the model’s tried and tested recipe without alienating its loyalists.

For starters, the redesigned SUV will actually meet fuel and emissions regulations. According to Automobile Magazine, it will be built on an all-new, lightweight architecture and source its power from Jaguar-Land Rover’s new line of Ingenium gasoline and diesel engines, mated to either a six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic transmission.

Land Rover’s latest off-roading tech, as well as the availability of low-range transfer cases and locking differentials, will help ensures it meets and surpasses the original Defender’s off-road prowess.

Five different bodystyles will reportedly be offered, including a short and long wheelbase variant, and a practical pickup configuration.

Finally, the new Land Rover Defender will be sold in the United States and Canada once again.

Jaguar Land Rover seems to be taking a no holds bar approach with the second-generation Defender; will the traditionalists be pleased?

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