Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales Exceed Expectations

With the Ford F-150 SVT targeted at a small niche market, many wondered whether it would sell in reasonable numbers to justify its existence.

Well, all worries were put to rest a few days ago when Ford announced that its desert-trashing Raptor has exceeded sales expectations, with over 5,300 individuals already placing orders.

As the “first-ever high-speed off road performance truck” and most powerful half-ton pickup truck thanks to its new 411-hp 6.2L V8, the F-150 SVT Raptor will hit dealerships this coming spring.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the popularity of the F-150 SVT Raptor,” said Mark Grueber, F-150 Marketing manager. “Orders have exceeded our expectations. The truck is so popular that we actually wound up building more 5.4-liter V-8 models than we had originally anticipated. The order banks are now open for the all-new 6.2-liter V-8, and the orders keep rolling in.”

Most of the orders have come from the Southwest and Texas. Tuxedo Black has been the top color (rather than Molten Orange seen above), accounting for 52 percent of all orders. Hit the jump for Ford’s press release.

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