Walmart Tire Installation Cost & Other Tire Service Costs

How much does Walmart tire installation cost? What about tire mounting cost? This guide breaks down the tire services offered by Walmart, including their costs.

Is there any product or service that Walmart doesn’t sell or provide nowadays? Add tire installation to the list.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to have your tires installed or serviced in any other way at a Walmart Auto Care Center, you came to the right place.

Here is a quick answer: In the United States, a barebone Walmart tire installation costs up to $12 per tire depending on the size of the tire; however, you can pack on additional tire services for an extra cost. 

In fact, the company offers a Basic Tire Installation Package that includes valve stem installation, lifetime balance and rotation, and other services for $15 per tire, as well as a Value Tire Installation Package with Road Hazard Warranty for $25 per tire. 

This is just a general rundown of how much Walmart charges to service tires. Keep reading for more details on everything offered by the thousands of Walmart tires service centers scattered around the country.

Walmart Tire Installation Cost 

To reiterate, a simple, no-frills Walmart tire installation will cost you up to $12 per tire depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and model year. In other words, it’s possible to pay less than $12 to get a tire installed.

You can also get a Basic Tire Installation Package for $15 per tire, a Value Tire Installation Package for $25 per tire, and a Lifetime Balance and Rotation Service for $14 per tire.

Let’s break down what you get with each package.

Tire Installation Cost – Walmart 

Note that these prices are only for tires purchased at Walmart, be it at a Walmart store or from If you buy the tires from somewhere else, you will be charged an additional $10 per tire.

As a matter of fact, some packages are only available on tires purchased at Walmart.

Basic Tire Installation Package

Costing $15 per tire, the Basic new tire installation package includes the following services:

  • Tire mounting
  • Valve stems / TPMS service pack
  • Lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles (12,070 km)
  • 50-mile lug re-torque

If you didn’t buy the tires from a Walmart outlet, you will need to pay an extra $10 per tire, bringing the total cost to $25 per tire.

Regardless of where you bought the tires, a Walmart Auto Care Center will install or service them.

Value Tire Installation Package

For $25 per tire, the Walmart Value Tire Installation Package includes everything offered by the Basic Tire Installation Package plus Road Hazard Coverage.

Unlike the Basic Tire Installation Package, this package is only available for individuals who purchased their tires from Walmart.

Lifetime Balance and Rotation 

Yes, Walmart balances tires. While the company’s Lifetime Balance and Rotation Package comes as part of the Basic and Value Tire Installation Packages, it can be purchased separately for $14 per tire if all you need is tire balancing and rotation.

The Basic Tire Installation Package is a better deal, if you ask us, but the package is available to anyone regardless of if the tires were purchased at Walmart or not. Once you buy it, your tires will be rotated and balanced by Walmart every 7,500 miles.

Valve Stem/TPMS Service Pack Installation

Similar to the Lifetime Balance and Rotation Package, Walmart’s valve stem / TPMS service pack installation also comes bundled with the Basic and Value Tire Installation Packages but can be purchased separately at a cost of $3 per tire.

With this service pack, Walmart will install valve stems on your vehicle if it doesn’t have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

TPMS uses sensors to continuously monitor tire pressure, alerting the driver if one or more of their tires has too little or too much air pressure to operate optimally. Unfortunately, it’s only available on newer cars and trucks.

Note that this service only covers installation. If your vehicle’s TPMS requires a reset, expect to pay an additional fee to have the task performed.

Flat Tire Repair Service

Walmart offers tire repair services, and its tire centers can fix flat tires, provided the damage isn’t too severe. A technician should be able to repair small tire punctures or holes with relative ease.

Repairing a flat tire at Walmart will typically cost $12 per tire for regular tires and $15 per tire for tubeless tires. 

All repairs are performed in accordance with the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) guidelines.

Tire Mounting Service

Tire mounting and balancing go hand-in-hand, but it’s possible to have your tires mounted without any additional services such as tire rotation and balancing, valve stem installation, or a TPMS reset.

How much does Walmart tire mounting cost? $5 or $10 per tire.

Specialty services cost $5 per tire, while a carry-in service will fetch you $10 for each tire.

Lug Nut Replacement Service

Lug nuts are a type of fastener that fastens the wheel hub to the vehicle’s axle, securing and centering the wheel on the axle. If one or more of your wheel’s lug nuts is excessively worn or damaged, you can have it replaced at a Walmart Tire Center.

How much does lug nut replacement cost at Walmart? About $2.50 for each wheel.

Road Hazard Coverage

You can buy Road Hazard Coverage from your local Walmart Auto Care Center, either separately or as part of the Walmart Value Tire Installation Package.

It’s a warranty that protects your tires once you drive away from the Auto Care Center, covering tire damage sustained from unforeseen road hazards.

Repairable damages such as small punctures are fixed at no cost to you. If the tire is too damaged to be repaired, it may be eligible for a free replacement.

As with any type of warranty, you’d want to read the fine print to see what is or isn’t covered. Contact a Walmart representative for additional information if you have to.

Choosing The Right Car Tires

Walmart Tire Installation Cost - New Hankook Tire

Different vehicle models usually require different tires to operate optimally. But while buying tires is easy, finding the ones that are best suited to your car or truck can be quite difficult.

No matter how good or well-made a tire is, if it’s not compatible with your vehicle, it will wear out prematurely and can even jeopardize your safety on the road. You have to be diligent in your search for the right tires.

Fortunately, Walmart provides a tool that makes this task easy, convenient, and less stressful. 

Online Tire Finder Tool’s tires page has a nifty tool that helps you find the right tires for your vehicle. 

It will ask you for basic information such as the make, model, year, and trim of your vehicle; the type of tires you need (all-seasons, winter, etc.); and the kind of value you’re looking for, and then provide a list of the top car tires on the market depending on your inputs.

The online Tire finder tool takes a lot of the hassle and guessing out of the equation, making your shopping experience less of a hassle. Once you buy the tires, simply take them to your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center to have them professionally installed. 

Remember, depending on the service(s) or package you go with, Walmart will charge anywhere from $5 or $25 to install each tire.

Are Walmart Tires And Tire Installation Good?

Now that you know how much Walmart’s tire installation and other tire services cost, you probably want to know how good they are. You may even want to know how good Walmart tires are.

Well, if customer reviews are to be believed, Walmart tires are good and Walmart’s Auto Care Centers are a great place to have your tires installed and serviced. With thousands of locations around the country, the retail giant makes buying and installing tires very convenient.

While not the best tires on the market, Walmart tires offer good quality for their low price. Seeing as Walmart usually develops its store-exclusive tires in partnership with many of the world’s most reputable tire brands, they are usually well-made budget tires.

Similarly, Walmart tire installations and other services are performed by trained technicians who know what they are doing. These are experienced professionals that largely follow the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s guidelines to ensure consistent quality results.

One common area of complaint is the wait times. Some customers have had to wait two hours or more to have their tires installed, which is a relatively long time for anyone to wait to have such a job performed.

The warranty that comes with the tires is another potential area of concern. Walmart can be very strict about what exactly constitutes tire damage, so the warranty may not cover certain damage you think it ought to.

Always read the fine print.

How To Get The Best Deal On Walmart Tires

Tires can be expensive, even budget-friendly Walmart tires, so it’s always a good idea to look for opportunities to save on them.

Let’s go over a few simple tips for finding a great deal on your next Walmart tire purchase:

  • Look out for coupons and discounts. 
  • Time your purchase if possible.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute. 

First, Walmart frequently advertises discounts on a wide variety of its products and services, whether with flyers or through coupon sites. You want to keep an eye or ear out for these advertisements.

Second, while you can certainly find good deals year-round if you know where to look, April and October are often cited as the best time to buy new tires. 

Both months mark changes in driving and traveling behavior. People buy new tires in April in preparation for summer road trips and in October to prepare for winter, with the spike in tire demand spurring an increase in new deals. 

Finally, don’t wait until your tires become severely damaged or too worn to be safe before you start looking for deals. 

There may be no good deals around when you’re finally forced to replace them, possibly forcing you to accept whatever tires your mechanic suggests.

The key is to be proactive. Keep an eye out for good deals throughout the year, and consider buying a set of new tires for backup use.

Walmart Tires Service FAQs


Have questions that were not answered by our Walmart tire installation cost guide? Here are answers to additional questions that should provide you with even more information about Walmart’s tires, tire installation, and other tire services.

How Much Should You Pay For Tire Installation?

Tire installation and balancing typically cost $13 to $45 per tire industry-wide, but large retail and wholesale outlets such as Walmart and Costco may offer the service for even less.

The cost will vary depending on the type of car you drive. For instance, SUVs and pickup trucks have larger wheels, rims, and tires than sedans and hatchbacks and require heavier weights for balancing and more labor.

In most cases, the tire installation cost includes other services such as tire rotation, valve stem installation if necessary, and even a road-hazard warranty that offers protection against accidental damage to the tire.

Is Walmart Tire Installation Cheap Or Expensive?

Walmart tire installation typically costs $12 per tire, which is on the lower end of the tire installation price spectrum. Even though some car shops may offer the service at a cheaper price, Walmater’s basic package is quite affordable.

Don’t let the cheap price fool you, however. All Walmart tire installations are performed by trained professionals in accordance with the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) guidelines.

Why Are Walmart Tires So Cheap?

Is it a myth that Walmart tires are lower quality than buying them somewhere else? Yes and no.

Walmart tires can seem cheap, but they are not necessarily of a lower quality than competing tires of the same price category.

Thanks to its large size and huge bargaining and purchasing power, Walmart has the leverage to work with many of the world’s most reputable tire brands to develop affordable tires that are sold exclusively at its stores. Here are some notable companies:

  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • BFGoodrich
  • Firestone
  • Hankook
  • Cooper
  • Kumbo Tire
  • Nexen
  • General Tire

While Walmart-exclusive tires may not be at the same performance and quality level as the mid- or high-grade tires offered by these brands, they are competitive for their given price range.

Bear in mind that even though tire quality is important, how well the tires are installed is even more important. Properly installed tires last longer and are integral to your safety and the efficient operation of your vehicle.

How Long Does Walmart Tire Installation Take?

Tire installation at Walmart can take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. The process includes having the vehicle lifted to replace the tires and perform other services such as balancing, as well as a short test drive at the end to ensure the new tires work efficiently with the vehicle.

Well-functioning tires are essential for vehicle safety, so don’t rush the process. In fact, you should probably be concerned if the installation takes less than 45 minutes.

Does Walmart Offer Tire Installation Discounts?

Yes, as with most of its other products and services, Walmart offers discounts on tire installations from time to time, including generous employee discounts.

The company also commonly offers giveaways on tires purchased from its stores, as well as value bundles.

Now that you know, keep a lookout for coupons on discounts on Walmart tires and tire installation services. 

Final Thoughts

Tires are such a critical part of your car that you can’t afford to neglect them. Whether we’re talking about the efficient operation of your vehicle or the safety of you and everyone you share the road with, they must work properly at all times.

Whether you need new tires installed, a standard tire rotation or rebalancing, valve stem installation, or worn lug nut replaced, Walmart’s Auto Care Centers offer all of these services at a relatively affordable price.

Walmart tire installation costs around $12 per tire, though the price may be lower depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You also have the option of a Basic Tire Installation Package that costs $15 per tire, as well as a Value Tire Installation Package priced at $25 per tire. 

Both packages include a host of individual services that can be purchased separately, including the following:

  • Mounting — $5 or $10 per tire
  • Valve stems — $3 per tire
  • Tire rotation — $2.50 per tire
  • Lugnut replacement — $2 per lug nut

Walmart also offers a Lifetime Balance and Rotation Package and Road Hazard Coverage, the former offered with both the Basic and Value Tire Installation Packages and the latter exclusive to the Value Package.

Needless to say, Walmart provides just about every type of service your tires could possibly need and has a good track record of delivering good results. There should be no reason for you to be driving around with shoddy or poorly installed tires.

If you found our detailed Walmart tire installation cost guide informative, make sure to check out some of our other guides. Do you know how much it costs to replace tie rods or wheel bearings? How about the cost to repaint a car or truck?