Does the New Ford Fusion (Mondeo) Look Like an Aston Martin? Side by Side Comparison

It’s no secret that Ford drew inspiration from Aston Martin when designing the latest Fusion (Mondeo in Europe and other regions), but how much does its family sedan resemble the premium Astons? Is it just the similar trapezoidal grille or are there other similarities?

Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire had the opportunity to park his black 2013 Ford Fusion next to an Aston Martin Rapide, leaving us to be the judges.

So, let us know in the comment section whether or not Ford “borrowed” too many styling cues from Aston Martin.

5 thoughts on “Does the New Ford Fusion (Mondeo) Look Like an Aston Martin? Side by Side Comparison”

  1. Yes !!!! That is why I bought a Ford Fusion !!!!!! It’s a great looking automobile, even if some don’t think it resembles the Aston Martin. Now, even if in my own mind I, I own an Aston Martin 😉 Now I can cruise the roads, blasting away with my imaginary machine guns, spraying an oil slick behind me, ejecting an unwanted passenger through the roof, use the tire slashers, and smoke screen to ward off evil doers, and of course they can hit me because my Fusion is bullet proof. I love my 2014 Fusion, and plan on having it for a long time, as this is the only automobile that in my mind resembles my beloved Aston Martin that I could afford. 🙂 Thanks Ford.

  2. Grill, the lines to the hood, sculpture around the wheels, shape of the mirrors and even the slope of the wind shield are all similar. Not exact but close enough for the discerning eye.

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