The 10 Best Windshield Sun Shades

Using the best car sun shade, particularly the best windshield sun shade, will make owning and driving your car a safer, more enjoyable experience.

While not as important as your brakes, windshield wipers, and headlights, car sun shades are a quality of life accessory that can greatly improve your car owning experience. Keeping your interior cooler on hot summer days is just one of several benefits of using one.

Our unbiased windshield sunshade reviews and comprehensive buying guide will help you find not only the best windshield sun shade for your ride but also the best car window shade. Here’s a quick rundown of our top picks:

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Best Car Sun Shade Reviews

Here’s a more detailed look at our list of best sunshades for car, SUV, pickup truck, and minivan windshields and side windows. For other useful car accessories, check out AutoTribute’s car products page.

1. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

This high-quality windshield sun shade from EcoNour has it all. At a very affordable price, you get a sunshade that has a durable, lightweight design; blocks out the sun’s UV rays with great efficacy; and is easy-to-install.

It is made from 210T nylon, the highest density material used by windshield sun shades to keep car interiors cool. Four available sizes provide coverage for most small to medium-sized windshields.

A pop-up design makes installation easier than accordion-style sunshades, as it opens up quickly and fits neatly and snugly on your windshield.

Removing and collapsing EcoNour’s sunshade can be done with a simple twist of the wrist, though getting the technique down pat can take a little practice. A small carrying case makes storing it in small spaces, including your glove box, easy.

If there is one issue, it is that the sizing chart is slightly off. You will be better off measuring your windshield or looking up the dimensions in your car’s user manual.

Is this the best windshield sunshade in every metric? No. But it’s the most well-rounded on the market.

Things We Like

  • Keeps your interior cooler
  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Easy-to-install and fold up
  • Fits windshields neatly and snugly
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing chart is slightly off

Bottom Line

For a low price, the EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade provides a solid, easy-to-install, and adjustable design that does a good job at blocking out the sun. CHECK LATEST PRICE

2. A1 Shades Car Sun Shade for Front Window

This model from A1 Shades is another affordable, high-quality pop-up style windshield sun shade that will keep your interior cool on hot, sunny days.

You have seven different sizes to choose from, meaning there is bound to be one that fits your vehicle nicely. The 210T nylon material used for this sunshade is dense enough to shield your interior from the sun and provide good thermal insulation.

As you would expect of a pop-up style windshield sunshade, installation is easy. Opening it up is a breeze and the edges can be tucked into the gap between the car’s dashboard and windshield, making it unnecessary to use the visors for stabilization.

A small foldable size makes it easy to store in small places.

One downside is that the sizing chart may be inaccurate. Also, there’s a little bit of a learning curve to folding it.

Things We Like

  • High-density 210T nylon fabric effectively deflects heat
  • Comes in many different sizes
  • Doesn’t require visors for support
  • Folds up into a small size for easy storage

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing info is a bit inaccurate
  • Folding it for storage may require a little practice

Bottom Line

A1 Shades’ car sun shade for windshields is a high-quality nylon model that’s available in seven sizes, including one for Jeep Wranglers. CHECK LATEST PRICE

3. Magnelex Windshield Sun Shade

Magnelex’s best car sun shade is a very popular option for vehicles with large windshields (65.7 inches by 36.4 inches), particularly full-size cars, crossovers, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans.

The sunshade covers the full width and breadth of the windshield, even boasting corners flaps for shielding the edges. It’s fabricated from a 210T reflective polyester that does a good job at keeping the sun’s heat out. 

Not only is it easy to put up, but it also folds up neatly and doesn’t require much storage space in your car. 

In addition to the sun shade, Magnelex gives you a steering wheel sunshade at no extra cost, as well as a free replacement or money-back guarantee. The package is also very affordable.

Folding it takes getting used to, however, and the sizing info the company provides is a little off.

Things We Like

  • Made from a dense reflective polyester
  • Provides great windshield coverage
  • Free steering wheel sunshade
  • Replacement or money-back guarantee

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing info is a bit inaccurate
  • Folding it takes some getting used to

Bottom Line

This affordable, well-designed windshield sun shade from Magnelex is a great option for extra-large windshields. It comes with a free steering wheel cover and a money-back guarantee. CHECK LATEST PRICE

4. EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade

This two-piece, pop-up style windshield sunshade provides a better fit than most of the products on our list. That’s because it comes with two rectangular shades that can be overlapped in a variety of ways to provide coverage for almost any vehicle.

In fact, the two sunshades are available in three different sizes and can be positioned vertically or horizontally to achieve a superior fit that blocks out over 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays and offer up to 82 percent heat reduction. They are easy to set up and fold into a very small size for easy storage.

In addition to the two sunshades, you get a non-slip pad for your dashboard that you can conveniently place your cell phone, pen, coins, and other small items on.

The EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade is easily one of the best car sunshades for the money; however, the fabric used to make it is not as thick or durable as some competing products, and like most pop-up style sunshades, the folding process takes some getting used to.

Things We Like

  • Blocks 99% of the sun’s ray
  • Comes with two sun shades that can be overlapped to achieve a more precise fit
  • Three different sizes
  • Bonus non-slip pad for small items
  • Easy-to-install and store

What We Don’t Like

  • Fabric is a bit too thin
  • Folding it takes some getting used to

Bottom Line

Tired of struggling to get the perfect fit with single-piece shades? EzyShade’s two-piece windshield sunshade gives you more flexibility without the hassle. CHECK LATEST PRICE

5. Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

This funnily-named sunshade is our pick for the best car window shade. 

The Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade comes as a set of four lightweight, 20 by 12 inches (51×30 cm) side window shades with 80 GMS mesh and 15s static film. Two are transparent and intended for the front windows, while the other two are semi-transparent and should be applied to the rear windows.

They fit various size windows without the need for suction cups or adhesives, with static cling technology making application and removal take seconds instead of minutes.

Both sunshades are capable of blocking nearly 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping all occupants cooler and safer, especially little children.

A downside is that they only come in one size and may be too large for small subcompact vehicles. Also, they don’t allow your car’s windows to open and close while applied.

Things We Like

  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Blocks up to 98 percent of harmful UV rays
  • Can be overlapped to achieve better window coverage
  • Easy to apply and remove

What We Don’t Like

  • May be too large for smaller subcompact vehicles
  • Doesn’t allow car windows to open and close while applied

Bottom Line

The Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade is an affordable, easy-to-install set of side window shades that will do a good job of protecting your children from the sun’s UV rays. CHECK LATEST PRICE

6. Road Charms Windshield Sun Shade

The fifth best windshield sun shade on our list comes from Road Charms, a family-owned company committed to producing practical and affordable accessories for cars.

Measuring 70 by 35 inches (177.8×90 cm), it is one of the biggest sun shades on the market. This makes it ideal for vehicles with large windshields, particularly minivans, SUVs, and pickup trucks, but probably not for smaller subcompact cars.

It’s made from 190T nylon, a lightweight, fairly durable fabric that is dense enough to block most of the sun’s UV rays and keep your interior cooler. 

As a standard pop-up style windshield sunshade, it is incredibly easy to put up and store. Folding it requires a little work and some technique, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Although not the best sunshade for car, SUV, and truck windshields, this sunshade is a very good option for bigger vehicles.

Things We Like

  • Durable and well-made
  • Great for large windshields
  • Fits neatly and snugly
  • Easy to set up and store

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best option for smaller vehicles
  • Folding takes some getting used to

Bottom Line

If you own a bigger vehicle that requires a large sun shield, the Road Charms Windshield Sun Shade was made for you. CHECK LATEST PRICE

7. Motor Trend Large Front Windshield Shade

This foldable, accordion-style windshield sunshade is from Motor Trend, one of the most trusted authorities in the automotive world.

It is universally-made for most personal vehicles on the road, be it a car, a crossover, an SUV, a pickup truck, or a minivan, featuring a dual-layer bubble design that can reduce interior temperature by 30-50 degrees to keep your seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and electronics cooler.

Motor Trend’s windshield can also be reversed to keep warm air inside the car on cold days, a useful feature that helped win it a place on our list of best car sunshades.

You will find that it’s easy-to-install and fits snugly, using the rear-view mirror for support, as well as tapered edges that can be tucked into the gap between the car’s dashboard and windshield.

As an accordion-style sunshade, it’s much easier to fold than pop-up style shades, though it requires more storage space in your car.

Things We Like

  • Thick, heavy-duty double-bubble construction
  • Easy to install and fold
  • Can be reversed to keep interior warmer on cold days
  • Many different colors to choose from

What We Don’t Like

  • Mirror slits may not work for cars with very low rearview mirrors
  • Requires more storage room than pop-up style sunshades

Bottom Line

Motor Trend’s large front windshield shade is one of the best accordion-style windshield sunshades, winning us over with its good protection and ease of use. CHECK LATEST PRICE

8. Enovoe Car Window Shade

This set of four sunshades from Enovoe prevents up to 97 percent of the sun’s harmful UV ray sun from entering your car’s side windows, keeping the interior cool for all occupants.

Each shade measures 21 inches by 14 inches (53.34×35.56 cm) — big enough to fit the side windows of most cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans — and features a dual-layer design that protects against the sun while preserving visibility.

Static-cling technology allows them to be easily applied and removed without having to deal with any adhesives or suction cups.

Unfortunately, some users have complained that the static cling technology doesn’t always perform well, especially in cooler temperatures, causing the shades to fall.

Things We Like

  • Made from a high-quality material
  • Blocks up to 97 percent of UV rays
  • Fits the side windows of most vehicles
  • Easy-to-install and remove

What We Don’t Like

  • Static cling technology doesn’t always perform well

Bottom Line

The Enovoe Car Window Shade is a great option for parents looking to protect their children from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s easily Enovoe’s best car window shade. CHECK LATEST PRICE

9. Coveted Shade Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo

Coveted Shade’s best windshield sunshade provides good UV protection and thermal insulation.

Like the highest-rated sun shields, it’s made from a 210T nylon fabric that does a good job of keeping the sun out and is durable enough to last for years. 

The shade has a single-piece design and comes in three different sizes — standard, jumbo, and extra jumbo — providing great coverage for most standard size windshields. It pops up for quick and easy use and folds away in a nice storage pouch that doesn’t take up much room. 

Coveted Shade’s windshield sunshade is one of the more expensive options on the market. However, if for any reason you’re not happy with it, a 1-year money-back guarantee ensures that you will be reimbursed.

Things We Like

  • Great windshield coverage
  • Easy installation
  • Comes in three sizes, fits most standard-size windshields
  • 1-year money-back guarantee

What We Don’t Like

  • Material could be more durable
  • Folding it takes getting used to
  • A little expensive

Bottom Line

This windshield sunshade Coveted Shade has all the attributes for keeping your interior cooler and comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee for some peace of mind. CHECK LATEST PRICE

10. Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Front Car Windshield Sun shade

This fun and whimsical sunshade is proof that a functional windshield sun shade doesn’t have to be boring. Its two large eyes and expressive eyebrows are sure to make passersby smile.

It has a rectangular shape that measures 51.2 inches wide by 27.5 high (130×70 cm), with a notch at the top for your car’s rearview mirror. Not only does it protect your interior from the sun, but the use of high-quality materials also makes it durable and long-lasting.

It’s lightweight and easy to install and remove. 

But as fun as this windshield sunshade may be, it has an unprofessional look and probably isn’t the best option for a company car. Also, its size limits it to smaller cars like the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, and you can expect the vibrant colors to eventually fade due to sun exposure.

Things We Like

  • Very fun design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Four different colors

What We Don’t Like

  • Unprofessional look
  • Only suitable for smallish cars
  • Colors may fade

Bottom Line

A fun and whimsical windshield sunshade for those who want to give their car a bit more personality. CHECK LATEST PRICE

Windshield Sun Shade Buying Guide

Best windshield sun shade inside car

Most people have a flippant attitude towards windshield car shades because of their simple design; however, there is more to them than meets the eye. Use this comprehensive buying guide to narrow down your choices when looking for the best car sun shade for your vehicle. 

Car covers and steering covers are other useful car accessories that can enhance your car owning experience, so check out the following guides when you get the chance:

What Is A Windshield Sun Shade?

A windshield sun shade or car sun shade is a protective shield that’s attached to a car’s windshield, side windows, rear window, and/or glass roof panel(s) to block the sun from entering the interior, keeping its contents and touchpoints cooler for both driver and passenger. 

Some car sun shades have special designs that also allow them to prevent frost build-up in the winter. 

Fun Fact: The first car sun shades were essentially pieces of cardboard. Frank H. Ilse of Chicago is credited with receiving the first-known sunshade patent in 1911.

Benefits Of Car Sun Shades

No one likes getting into a hot car on a sweltering day. Although there are many ways to prevent the sun from turning your car’s interior into a fire pit, car covers provide the best combination of legality, convenience, effectiveness, and affordability

For instance, it’s not always possible to park in a garage when your running errands, carport canopies are expensive, and car covers take a lot of time to set up. While getting your car windows tinted can be quite convenient, you’re not allowed to tint the windshield in most parts of the world.

Car sun shades are a foolproof option with many benefits:

1. Keep your interior cool. Your car’s interiors can become brutally hot if your car is left in the sun too long, so hot as to make touching the steering wheel, leather seats, and even the seat belts unbearable. The best car sun shades feature reflective materials that keep these important touchpoints cooler. 

2. Warm your interior in winter. Though seemingly counterintuitive, some sun shades boast heat-absorbing materials that can increase the temperature in your interior, helping keep it warmer on cold and sunny days.

3. Protect your skin from UV rays. Windshield and side-window sun shades can protect the skin of both you and your passenger from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Indeed, the best sun shade for car and truck windshields and side windows will reduce the risk of skin cancer.

4. Protect your interior upholstery. The textiles, rubbers, and other materials that make up your interior upholstery can all be easily damaged by the sun. Extended exposure can cause them to fade, warp, or crack, especially on areas such as the steering wheel, dashboard, center console, and side window panels.

5. Protect your electronics. Long exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays can break down the protective layers of GPS devices, DVD and CD players, radars, and other electronic devices you might have inside your car. Understandably, the best sun shield for car windows will protect your electronics from the sun’s tyranny.

6. They’re very affordable. Finally, the benefits offered by the best windshield sun shades far outweigh the cost of buying one. By spending just a little bit of money, you get outstanding protection for your car’s interior and the skin of all occupants.

Types Of Car Sun Shades

All windshield sun shades have the same basic design, one usually consisting of either a piece of fabric stretched across a wireframe or a thick, self-supporting fabric. They are secured by velcro, suction cups, or interior elements such as the rearview mirror and sun visors. 

But despite having the same basic design, car sun shades come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. There are four distinct types:

1. Accordion Windshield Sunshades

True to their name, accordion-style auto windshield sunshades expand and retract similarly to an accordion. They feature a foldable, zig-zag piece of fabric that’s usually lined with a reflective silver material.

Setting up and removing these types of sun shades is fairly easy, and they tend to stay in place better than other types. However, a bulky design even when folded means they require more space for storage.

2. Pop-Up Windshield Sunshades

Ofen rectangular in shape and typically attached to the windshield or window, these sun shades have a wireframe design that pops out to their full size when released from their packaging.

They are the most popular type of car sun shade because of their compact design, easy installation, and ability to stay in place for an indefinite period.

3. 2-Piece Windshield Sunshades

Commonly referred to as SUV windshield sun shades, jeep windshield sun shade, or RV windshield sun shade, two-piece windshield sun shades consists of two oval- or rectangle-shaped pieces of fabric that are placed side-by-side to cover the entire surface of the windshield. 

They can be overlapped as needed to provide maximum coverage and are folded and installed in much the same way as pop-up sun shades. Having to deal with two separate pieces can make them more of a handful than the other types of car sun shades, however.

4. Car Window Shades

Unlike your typical windshield sunshade, car window shades are designed for your car’s side windows. They are smaller and often transparent or semi-transparent.

Some have a design that lets them be pulled up or down like you would a window shade in your home, while others use static cling technology to stick to the car window without the use of suction cups or adhesives.

Some even come as a film that you plaster to the side windows, in a way serving as simple DIY window tinting.  

Top Car Sunshade Brands

EcoNour, Covercraft, Enovoe, and Coveted Shade are among the most popular car sunshade brands out there, having garnered a solid reputation for producing high-quality products that are affordable and easy-to-use.


Having started off as a small, family-owned producer of car accessories in 2015, EcoNour has quickly grown to become one of the largest providers of car sunshades and other accessories in North America. The EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade is often considered the best sun shade for car, truck, and SUV windshields.


A leader in automotive and marine protection products, Covercraft has been making and selling high-quality car covers and sun shades since 1965. The Covercraft UVS100 Custom Sunscreen is one of the most popular car sun shades on the market.


This family-owned and operated company designs all its products around the needs of parents and their children. Its lineup includes sun window shades, car seat covers, kick mats, and a myriad of other travel accessories. The Enovoe Car Window Shade is often a contender for the best car window shade.

Coveted Shade 

Founded in 2014 by Coveted Goods Inc., Coveted Shade is a young brand that exclusively produces car windshield and window sun shades. The Coveted Shade Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo is one of its most popular products.

How To Choose The Best Car Sunshade

Car sun shades have such a simple design that people often think that finding a good one doesn’t require much thought and consideration. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many factors to consider when choosing not only the best windshield sun shade but also the best car window shade.

1. Build Type

There are several different types of car sun shades. Some are designed specifically for car windshields, while others are intended for side-passenger windows.

Whereas windshield sunscreens are removable, side window shades can either have a fixed or pull-down design and are great for children riding in the car.

2. Coverage

In addition to choosing your preferred type of car sun shade, you must consider how many of your vehicle’s windows require shielding. Buying car sun shades in a set is usually cheaper and more effective than getting each one individually.

3. Size

This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a windshield sun blocker, as even the best sun shield for car windows will be virtually unusable if it’s too small or too big for your car. 

Some products have a universal fit, while others are offered in a variety of sizes that allow you to achieve a more precise fit for your windshield or door windows.

The right size windshield sun shade is determined by your windshield dimensions or the type of vehicle you drive (sedan, truck, SUV, etc.). You can find your windshield’s specifications either by checking your vehicle owner’s manual or by using a flexible tape measure to do the measurement manually.

4. Material

You want your car sun shade to be made of a durable material that’s able to resist heat. Many of the best products feature Nylon and polyester, two lightweight and long-lasting fabrics.

Also, consider the material density and reflective layer of your chosen model to ensure that it blocks and reflects as much of the sun’s UV rays as possible.

5. Ease Of Use

On top of providing maximum coverage, your car sun shade should be easy to set up and remove. Although most windshield sun shades are quite easy to install, some models can be a bother to remove.

Just as important, storing the shade when it’s not being used should be simple. Storage space in small cars can be very limited.

6. Style, Design

Just because your sun shade should be functional doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Many models allow you to express your personality by offering various colors, styles, and graphics.

From basic colors that match the color of your car to elegant, quirky, and downright playful designs that will put a smile on anyone’s face, there’s bound to be a look for you.

7. Warranty

It’s common practice for car sunshade manufacturers to provide warranties on their products. The longer the warranty, the more confidence the manufacturer has in the quality and durability of its product and the more peace of mind you will have knowing that you can get a refund or replacement if it doesn’t meet expectations.

How To Install Windshield Sun Shades

Installing the best windshield sunshade

Installing windshield sun shades is fairly easy and straightforward, with the entire process taking less than two minutes. The following is a simple step-by-step guide for installing accordion-style, pop-up, and 2-piece windshield sun shades.

Step 1. Regardless of the type of windshield sun shade you have, open and unpackage it in your vehicle. Unfolding it while outside and then attempting to bring it through the door can cause it to bend in ways it wasn’t designed to bend.

Step 2. Line up the sunshade to your windshield by first placing it against the base of the dashboard, ensuring that it’s tucked as close to the windshield as possible.

Step 3. Once the lower section is stable, lean the upper part onto the rear-view mirror and gently maneuver it behind the mirror.

Step 4. If necessary, pull both the driver and passenger side sun visors down, and press them back towards the windshield to hold the sunshade in place.

Note: It’s important that you measure your windshield before buying a windshield sun shade, doubly so if you’re looking for a custom fit model. Not only can having the wrong size shade make installation difficult, but it may also not provide enough coverage.

How To Fold A Car Sun Shade

Folding a windshield sun shade can require a bit more technique than installing one, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it after attempting it a few times.


Folding up accordion-style windshield sunshades is as simple and straightforward as putting one up.

Step 1. Flip the sun visor back to their up position. 

Step 2. Pull the upper edge of the sunshade towards you, and maneuver it in front of the rearview mirror.

Step 3. Hold the shade gently on either end and fold it together like an accordion.

Step 4. Attach the fastener, and store the shade away in a place where it won’t get stepped on.

Pop-Up Style

Pop-up windshield sun shades require more hand and wrist articulation to fold than accordion-style shades. If you need a visual demonstration of how it’s done, watch this video.

Step 1. After removing the sun shade off your windshield, take it out of the car for easier handling.

Step 2. To fold, place your thumb on each side of the shade, and fold it almost in half like you would a taco.

Step 3. Just before your wrists meet, twist your wrists in the opposite direction and keep twisting until you create a kind of a coil.

Step 4. Hold the folded shade tightly to keep it secure, place it in its case, and store it in a safe place.

Windshield Sun Shades FAQs And Answers

Best windshield sun shade FAQs

Car sun shades are effective at keeping the sun’s damaging UV rays out of your car, easy to install, and very affordable. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing one, the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you make up your mind.

Should I Get A Sun Shade For My Car?

We recommend buying one if you live in a hot, sunny area. The best sun shade for car windshields and side windows will effectively minimize the UV rays that enter your interior, keeping the temperature down and reducing the risk of sun damage to its materials and electronics, as well as to the skin of people riding in the car.

How Much Of The Sun Does A Sunshade Block?

This will depend on the quality and density of the material used for the sun shade. Some high-quality models can block up to 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, significantly lowering your car’s internal temperature.

Do I Need A Car Sunshade If I Have Tinted Windows?

Car sunshades, especially side-window shades for small children, can be very useful even if you have tinted windows. Some window tints are simply not dark enough to adequately repel the sun’s UV rays.

How Long Do Car Sunshades Last?

High-quality sun shades — that is, those featuring a solid design with durable materials — can last several years. However, it’s not uncommon for the side exposed to the sun to fade over time, possibly reducing its capacity to block the sun’s UV rays.

Final Thoughts

Although car sunshades have a very basic design, choosing the best one for your car requires much thought and consideration. There are many factors to consider, which is why we put together this detailed buying guide and catalog of best car sun shade reviews.

The EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade is our choice for the best windshield sun shade due to its durable, lightweight design; ability to effectively block the sun’s UV rays; easy installation; and great price. As for the best car window shade, the Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade is an excellent option for all the same reasons.