The 10 Best Floor Jacks

Find the best floor jack for safely lifting your vehicle so that work can be performed on it.

A floor jack is one of the most useful pieces of gear for DIY car maintenance and repairs. After all, many jobs such as changing tires and engine oil require lifting the car, and few other tools can help you do that as safely and effortlessly as these hydraulic lifting devices.

If you’re looking for a quality jack for your car or truck, we have reviewed a collection of the best floor jacks on the market and put together a detailed buying guide to help you find the best one for your maintenance and repair jobs. Here’s a quick rundown of our top picks:

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Best Floor Jack Reviews

You can’t go wrong with any of the floor jacks we reviewed, and there were several other great options that had to be excluded from the list so that it didn’t drag on too long.

1. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack

With its solid, highly durable construction and reasonable price, the Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack is our pick for the best overall floor jack. Its 3.5-ton (7,000 lbs.) lifting capacity is more than enough to lift the average car or pickup truck safely and reliably.

This hydraulic jack is made of heavy-duty steel, the strongest and most durable metal typically used to make floor jacks. It features a swivel-style saddle for easy and safe positioning of the jack, as well as fast lift technology that allows the jack to be raised quicker and with less effort.

A bypass device protects the jack from over-pumping, while a built-in safety valve and vent plug further ensure safe operation.

Blackhawk’s floor jack has a well-thought-out design; however, its 5.5-inch (13.97 cm) minimum saddle height may make it too tall to fit under vehicles with low ground clearance, and its all-steel construction makes it heavy and, therefore, not easy to carry around.

Things We Like

  • Strong, durable steel construction
  • Fast lifting action
  • Swivel saddle for easy jack positioning 
  • Built-in safety valve and vent
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • May be too tall to fit under vehicles with low ground clearance
  • Heavy

Bottom Line

The Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack is a solidly-built, highly-capable, and well-priced floor jack that’s easy and safe to use on vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons. CHECK LATEST PRICE

2. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

Considering that Turin is a household name in the world of lifting tools, is it a wonder that the brand fields one of the best hydraulic floor jacks currently available? The BIG RED Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack is a great all-around performer.

It has all-steel conduction, a 3-ton (6,000 lbs.) weight capacity, and a standard lift range of 6 to 21 inches (15-53 cm), making it very durable and a great option for lifting most vehicles.

An extra-long removable saddle neck can extend the base height to 10 inches (25 cm), which is especially useful for lifting SUVs, pickup trucks, and other vehicles with high ground clearance.

Other design highlights include 360-degree swivel casters for smooth maneuverability, a single-piston quick lift pump that makes it fairly easy to raise the jack, and a holder for the handle. Overloading won’t be too much of an issue since there is a built-in safety bypass system.

For something that is made entirely out of heavy-duty steel, Torin’s floor jack is fairly lightweight at around 50 lbs (23 kg). The high minimum saddle height may make it a poor choice for low-riding vehicles, however. 

Things We Like

  • Professional-grade construction
  • Extra-long saddle neck makes lifting higher vehicles faster
  • Single piston quick lift pump
  • Lightweight for a steel jack

What We Don’t Like

  • May be too tall for low-riding vehicles

Bottom Line

A professional-grade floor jack from a highly-reputable brand, one particularly well-suited for lifting SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles with high ground clearance. CHECK LATEST PRICE

3. Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

With a minimum lift height of around 4 inches (10 cm), the Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack is the best floor jack for low-riding vehicles. Its maximum lift height of 18 inches (46 cm) also makes it a good option for trucks and SUVs.

This jack has an aircraft-grade aluminum construction that makes it fairly lightweight and easy to move around. It was designed with safety in mind, as well, featuring a wide base to improve stability and bypass and overload valves to prevent overloading.

A rubberized saddle and foam handle bumper help ensure that your vehicle is damaged while being lifted, while the handle can be separated into two pieces for easier storage in small spaces.

Arcan’s aluminum jack will make getting your car off the ground quick and easy. However, aluminum is a premium material in the world of floor jacks, and you’ll have to pay a hefty sum for it.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Very low minimum lift height
  • Rubberized saddle to protect vehicle from damage

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Bottom Line

One of the best aluminum floor jacks on the market and an excellent choice for lifting cars with a low ground clearance. CHECK LATEST PRICE

4. Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack XT485 

The peculiar-looking jack is a versatile, multi-purpose tool that can also be used as a winch, clamp, or spreader. 

Designed for off-road applications and available in 48-inch and 60-inch versions, it features a 3/8-inch chain slot for winching and quick slack adjustment, as well as 7/8-inch shackle holes for easy, secure, and non-binding attachment.

The X-TREME Jack’s 3.5-ton weight capacity ensures that just about any vehicle can be lifted, while a unique gold zinc coating provides rust resistance in extreme use.

The Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack is a must-have for serious off-roaders. But despite its rust-resistance properties, its protective coating can rub or scrape off easily and some users have experienced early rusting. 

Things We Like

  • Tough, rugged build
  • Jack, winch, clamp, and spreader in one
  • Solid, heavy-duty build
  • Impressive weight capacity

What We Don’t Like

  • Prone to premature rusting

Bottom Line

When out off-roading, the Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack is one tool you want with you when something happens to your SUV or truck. CHECK LATEST PRICE

5. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

If you’re someone who likes a good deal, you will be quite pleased with the Pro-Lift F-767. It’s an incredibly affordable 2-ton (4,000 lb) floor jack that can safely and reliably lift vehicles weighing two tons or less.

Despite being made of heavy-duty steel, this jack is extremely lightweight at 30 pounds (13.6 kg), lighter than many all-aluminum models. It also features the usual built-in safety mechanisms such as a bypass device and a safety valve to prevent overloading.

Castors and a swiveling saddle make maneuvering the jack easy, while a carrying handle improves portability. 

Like Arcan’s aluminum jack, the Pro-Lift has a very low profile (3.5-inch / 9 cm min-height), which is great for working on low-riding cars. However, its maximum lift height of 14 inches (36 cm) is fairly short and may make it unsuitable for large SUVs and trucks.

Things We Like

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Ultra-low profile
  • Very lightweight
  • Incredibly cheap

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for large, heavy vehicles
  • May be too short for high-riding trucks and SUVs

Bottom Line

The Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack provides a solid build and very good performance for a price that’s almost too good to be true. CHECK LATEST PRICE

6. Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack

Here is yet another quality floor jack that works very well for vehicles with low ground clearance. The Powerbuilt model 620479E can be lowered all the way down to 2.75 inches (7 cm) and lifted 15.5 inches (39 cm) high, making it compatible with most vehicles.

Its 2-ton weight capacity allows it to lift most small cars but not larger and heavier vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks. Also, at 60 pounds (27 kg), it’s pretty heavy.

Unlike most other jacks, the Powerbuilt floor jack features a steel safety bar that slides under the lift arm to lock the jack in the topped-out raised position. This safety measure allows it to act as a jack stand, though you shouldn’t use it as one.

Price falls in the middle of the pack — not too cheap and not too expensive.

Things We Like

  • Solid, durable build
  • Ultra-low profile for low ground clearance vehicles
  • Safety bar locks jack in place

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy, not very mobile

Bottom Line

Powerbuilt delivers a great jack for auto enthusiasts who work on classic cars, modified cars, or other vehicles that sit very lower to the ground. CHECK LATEST PRICE

7. JEGS Professional Low-Profile 2-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Jegs’ 2-Ton service jack is a top-notch aluminum floor jack, no less because it’s well-made, easy-to-use, safe-to-use, and is fairly lightweight 

Weighing just 49 lbs (22 kg) and with a minimum height of 3.5 inches (9 cm), it’s one of the lightest and lowest profile jacks on our list. Not only will it fit under virtually any low-riding car, but its max height of 19.25 (49 cm) also makes it usable on high-riding vehicles.

The saddle can rotate 360 degrees to make movement easier and boasts a rubber pad so that the underside of the vehicle isn’t marred.

Other design highlights include a dual-piston rapid pump design, side handles for easier transportation, a safety valve to prevent overloading, and a two-piece pump handle for easy storage. 

The main customer complaint with JEGS’s best floor jack is that it’s expensive. Also, some units are prone to malfunctions.

Things We Like

  • Thick aluminum construction
  • Dual-piston rapid pump design
  • Rubber padded saddle products vehicle’s underside
  • Lightweight, easy to transport

What We Don’t Like

  • May have durability issues
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

This low-profile, 2-ton aluminum floor jack from JEGS offers one of the best values for an aluminum jack. CHECK LATEST PRICE

8. Performance Tool W1640 Garage Floor Jack

The Performance Tool W1640 is another affordable floor jack that doesn’t skimp on performance.

With a strong, durable flanged steel frame and a 2-ton weight capacity, it can lift the average car safely and securely. However, with a 5-inch (13 cm) minimum lift height, it’s too tall to fit under very low-riding vehicles. 

Dual pistons provide fast lifting action, the saddle swivels to make positioning the jack easier and has a rubber pad to protect the car’s undercarriage from marring, and a bypass valve keeps the loaded weight in check so that you don’t lift beyond the rated capacity.

Weight is an issue with the Performance Tool floor jack. Its heavy-duty steel construction makes it very heavy and difficult to transport. Also, it may not hold up as well as more premium jacks over time.

Things We Like

  • Durable flanged steel frame
  • Dual pistons raise the lift quickly
  • Padded saddle
  • Very affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy

Bottom Line

The Performance Tool W1640 Garage Floor Jack offers a strong, durable construction, good lifting action, and a safe-to-use design for an incredibly low price. CHECK LATEST PRICE

9. Liftmaster Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack

This floor jack from Liftmaster lives up to the brand’s name. With a very low minimum lift height of 3 inches (8 cm) and a whopping maximum height of 20 inches (51 cm), it was designed to lift both low- and high-riding vehicles easily and reliably.

The frame and handle are made of steel, and the jack weighs a porky 70 pounds (32 kg). You can lift vehicles weighing up to 3 tons, with a dual pump system making the process easy and quick.

A removable rubber pad on the plate improves friction, while a foam bumper prevents scratches.

We think the Liftmaster Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack is a solidly-built and very capable car repair and maintenance tool; however, it’s very expensive for a steel jack.

Things We Like

  • Strong and sturdy steel construction
  • Great option for both low profile and high lift vehicles
  • Dual-piston pump system
  • Removable rubber pad for added protection and friction

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy
  • Expensive 

Bottom Line

This floor jack is a true ‘Liftmaster’, as it’s capable of lifting both low- and high-riding cars, trucks, and SUVs with relative ease. CHECK LATEST PRICE

10. Sunex 66175FASJ Folding Aluminum Service Jack

If you don’t do a lot of lifting and require a highly portable jack, the Sunex 66175FASJ Folding Aluminum Service Jack might just fit the bill.

Its 1.75-ton (3,500 lbs) weight capacity is suitable for most sedans and other small cars but may not be enough for SUVs, trucks, and other heavier vehicles. Built-in dual pump pistons let you reach max height with fewer than five pumps.

The main highlight of this jack is its lightweight aluminum body, which tips the scale at just 39 pounds (18 kg) and allows it to be transported easily. It can also be folded into a more compact size for easier storage.

Sunex’s Folding Aluminum Service Jack is not for heavy-duty applications and works well as a back-up for a more capable floor jack. Its spring-loaded handle can be a serious problem, however, since it can spring up abruptly from its folded position once it’s released, potentially causing harm.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Very portable
  • Dual pump pistons for fast lifting

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for large vehicles
  • Spring-loaded handle may pose a safety hazard

Bottom Line

With the Sunex 66175FASJ Folding Aluminum Service Jack, the emphasis is on portability. CHECK LATEST PRICE

Floor Jack Buying Guide

Best floor jack lifting the rear of a car

Cars and trucks weigh tons, so lifting one off the ground to work on it is virtually impossible for any human to do alone. Oftentimes, a quality floor jack is what’s needed.

We put together this buying guide to provide all the information you need to find the best floor jack for your car repair and maintenance needs. 

What Is A Floor Jack?

If you want to maintain your car and keep it in tip-top shape, a floor jack is a definite must-have. This car repair and maintenance tool makes routine procedures such as changing a vehicle’s oil, tires, brakes, and rotors easier and less time-consuming.

A floor jack is a hydraulically-operated device that’s used to raise cars, trucks, and other heavy objects off the ground so that maintenance and repairs can be performed on them. 

These devices come with a manufacturer-specified lift rating (1.5 tons, 3 tons, etc.) and should not be used to lift anything that exceeds that rating.

But while floor jacks can easily lift a car, truck, or RV, they are not designed to sustain such heavy loads over a prolonged period. The idea is to use the jack to get the object off the ground and then have one or more jack stands support it.

Using only the jack for support can cause load shifts, potentially resulting in injury to the user and/or damage to the vehicle or equipment being worked on.

Note: Floor jacks are not designed to sustain heavy loads. They should always be used in combination with jack stands to help ensure the safety of the user and the vehicle being serviced.

How Does A Car Jack Work

You pump a lever arm to drive down a small piston that pushes hydraulic fluid through a one-way valve and into a chamber. Releasing (raising) the lever causes more fluid to enter the small piston cylinder, and pumping causes the fluid to be pressurized in the chamber.

The objective is to pump and release until the pressure of the hydraulic fluid is great enough to push up on the load arm of the jack, raising it along with any object that might be on it.

Floor Jack Vs Trolley Jack

“What’s the difference between floor jacks and trolley jacks?” is a question people often ask when shopping for a hydraulic jack. While they look similar and have the same fundamental design, the two devices have several differences that may make you choose one over the other.

The biggest difference is that trolley jacks typically have a wider range of lifting heights and are built tougher than floor jacks, factors that allow them to accommodate a wider array of light and heavy-duty applications. They are also commonly built with a release-spring that enables the jack to be released at a faster speed.

The robust and heavy structures of floor jacks make them the preferred choice of most professionals, while floor jacks are a lightweight, low-cost lifting solution best suited for infrequent use.

Why You Should Use A Floor Jack

While not every car maintenance and repair task requires the use of a jack, nearly every job that involves lifting the vehicle does. Floor jacks, in particular, can be the best solution for a large variety of jobs when used in combination with jack stands.

Here are three benefits of using well-made floor jacks.

Lift heavy loads. Cars are heavy, and lifting one off the ground is practically impossible for anyone to do without assistance. A floor jack multiplies your strength, allowing you to safely lift just about any large or heavy object that doesn’t exceed its lift capacity.

Ease of use. Not only are floor jacks force-multipliers, but the best ones are designed in a way that makes them easy and straightforward to use. They typically feature pistons that make pumping the handle easy and trolly wheels for easy mobility.

Reliability. High-quality floor jacks have a tough and durable construction that allows them to tolerate years of regular use. They last longer than drive-up ramps and bottle jacks.

Types Of Floor Jacks

Floor jacks are primarily classified by the material used to make them, namely steel, aluminum, or a combination of both metals.

Steel Floor Jacks

Steel floor jacks are typically the most affordable type of floor jack because steel is a relatively cheap material despite being very strong and durable. The high tensile strength of steel means these jacks don’t need to be replaced as often as other types.

The biggest drawback of steel floor jacks is that they tend to be heavy, make them harder to move around. They are not the best for changing tires while on the road. 

Aluminum Floor Jacks

Aluminum is more lightweight than steel but less durable. It’s also more expensive.

With aluminum floor jacks, it’s all about portability. They can weigh half as much as steel jacks, making them very transportable. 

These jacks don’t last nearly as long as steel jacks, however, and will need to be replaced more often.

Hybrid Floor Jacks

These jacks are made from a combination of steel and aluminum, usually in a way that grants them the benefits of both materials.

Manufacturers will often use steel for the parts of the jack that require the utmost strength and durability (e.g. the components that support the vehicle) and make every other part out of aluminum to minimize weight.

Indeed, hybrid floor jacks aim to strike a sweet balance between durability, weight, and price and generally perform in the middle of the pack with regards to those metrics. So while usually good at everything, they are not the best at anything.

Top Floor Jack Brands

Is there a single best floor jack brand? No. However, certain brands have become a mainstay in the space, namely Torin, Powerbuilt, Sunex, Pro-Lift, and Arcan.


Torin is one of the most, if not the most, popular automotive equipment suppliers in North America, offering a broad range of lifting equipment that includes jacks, valves, and engines. 

The BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack is commonly found in many garages and repair shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Powerbuilt has consistently produced automotive repair and maintenance tools that offer great quality, performance, and value for over 40 years, and there is no sign of the company slowing down. 

The Powerbuilt 2 Ton Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack is easily their best hydraulic jack.


Sunex Tools was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of impact sockets. The company’s product line has since expanded to include hand tools, lifting equipment, tool storage systems, and hydraulic presses.

We especially like the Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Steel Service Jack.


Pro-Lift is an industry leader in quality and innovation, offering a long list of patented car repair tools and equipment that are designed to meet professional-grade equipment standards.

The budget-friendly Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack can be depended on to safely get your car off the ground.


Arcan Professional Tools designs and produces a wide variety of high-quality and user-friendly automotive repair tools and hardware, ranging from wrenches and hammers to floor jacks and grease guns. 

The Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack is one of their best products.

Features Of The Best Floor Jack

Floor jacks are necessary for many automotive maintenance and repair jobs, but there are so many great and not-so-great options available that choosing the right one for your work can be tricky. Let’s give you a hand.

Here are the top features you should consider when looking for the best hydraulic jack.

Weight Capacity

The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a floor jack only to find that it can’t safely lift the vehicle or object you’re working on. Seeing as you should never use a jack to lift more weight than it’s rated for, weight capacity is an extremely important consideration. 

You need a floor jack that is rated for the vehicle you’ll be working on. If you don’t know the vehicle’s weight, find out by checking your owner’s manual or doing a quick Google search of the make, model, and model year of the vehicle.

Height Range

All floor hacks have a minimum and maximum height. Any model that doesn’t is a poorly-designed risk hazard that should be avoided at all costs.

The minimum height is the jack’s lowest setting. If your vehicle sits lower to the ground than this minimum, the jack won’t fit under its carriage and will, therefore, be useless.

It shouldn’t be a tight squeeze either. As a general rule, there should be at least an inch of clearance between the lifting pad and your car’s contact point.

Needless to say, don’t buy a floor jack without first measuring your car’s ground clearance.

Saddle Size

In the context of lifting equipment such as jack stands, car jacks, and floor jacks, saddle size refers to how much of the jack’s lifting pad comes into contact with the vehicle. A larger saddle usually provides better stability, though it’s not always better.

It’s possible for a saddle to be too large to securely fit onto the dock points of some car chassis, so it helps to take measurements for comparability.


As noted earlier in our floor jack buying guide, floor jacks tend to be made of steel, aluminum, or a combination of the two metals. Steel floor jacks are typically stronger, more durable, and cheaper than aluminum jacks, but they are much heavier and less easy to move around.

Performance- and price-wise, hybrid floor jacks fall somewhere in between the all-steel and all-aluminum options — a jack of all trades and master of none, in other words.

If a lightweight and portable construction isn’t a top priority, steel will be your best choice. Otherwise, go with aluminum.

If you want an all-around performer that doesn’t excel in any particular area, find yourself a quality hybrid floor jack.

Build Quality

Any product tasked with lifting a 2- to 4-tone vehicle off the ground better have solid build quality, or else the results can be disastrous. Not only should your jack be made mostly of solid metal, but it should also be immaculately-constructed.

We’ll be the first to tell you to never place a price tag on safety, but even though it’s often the case that cheaper floor jacks are less durable and reliable than more expensive ones, there are a few top-notch budget options that are very well-built and perform just as well as many premium ones.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to assess the quality of a floor jack before buying it, so make sure to read user reviews to get an idea.

We find that going with a reputable brand removes a lot of the guessing game.

How To Use A Floor Jack

Man Using Best Floor Jack

You might not be able to tell by simply looking at them but floor jacks have a surprisingly simple design. Even so, a lot of thought and practice is required to use one safely and effectively.

We’ve provided a general overview of how to use a floor jack properly, though you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific model.

What You Will Need

Make sure you have the following equipment before getting started:

  • A good floor jack, one that’s in great working condition and has the weight rating necessary for lifting your vehicle.
  • Wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from accidentally rolling back.
  • Jack stands for supporting the vehicle once it has been lifted.

Lifting The Vehicle

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary tools and equipment, follow this straightforward step-by-step guide to use the floor jack correctly.

Step 1. Park the vehicle on a hard, level surface such as in a garage, and engage the parking brake. You don’t want the vehicle to accidentally rollback or the floor jack to sink into the ground.

Step 2. Chock the wheels to further reduce the risk of accidental rollback. The chocks should be placed at the opposite end from where the vehicle will be lifted.

Step 3. Locate the lift points under the vehicle. These are the spots where jacks are supposed to be used so that they don’t damage the vehicle. If you don’t know where they are, check your owner’s manual. 

Step 4. Using the handle, place the floor jack under the vehicle, doing your best to center the saddle beneath the lift point.

Step 5. Pump the lever to raise the saddle, adjusting as necessary until it is fully aligned with the lift point.

Step 6. Once the saddle is aligned with the lift point, pump the lever to lift the vehicle to the height required for the job, and position the jack stand(s) so that they are ready to support the vehicle.

Step 7. With the jack stand(s) in position, gently turn your floor jack’s handle counterclockwise to slowly lower the vehicle onto the stand(s).  

Step 8. Once the weight of the vehicle is fully on the stand(s), you can completely lower the jack.

Note: You should never use a floor jack to lift a vehicle that is heavier than its weight rating. 

Lowering The Vehicle

Use the following steps to safely lower the vehicle after completing your work:

Step 1. Make sure no is under or near the vehicle, and remove any tools or other obstructions from the area.

Step 2. Ensure the floor jack is properly positioned, and pump the lever until the jack is supporting the weight of the vehicle.

Step 3. Remove the jack stand(s) from underneath the vehicle and place them at a secure location.

Step 4. Lower the vehicle to the ground by gently turning the floor jack’s handle counterclockwise. A rapid descent can cause damage, so be gentle and take your time.

Floor Jack FAQs And Answers

Car questions about best floor jack

There is a lot to know about floor jacks, and we made sure to provide all the information you need to develop a clear understanding of what they are and how they work and find the best one for working on your car safely. 

In this section, we clear up some common questions you might still have.

What Is A Floor Jack Used For?

Floor jacks are one of the best options for lifting a vehicle so that work can be performed under it. They are commonly used for maintenance and repair procedures such as changing tires, oil changes, and fixing transmission issues.

You might also want to use a floor jack to check for damage under a vehicle.

What Size Jack Do I Need For My Car Or Truck?

Floor jacks come with different height settings and weight ratings, so you’ll need to determine the weight and ground clearance of your vehicle before buying one. 

For most small cars such as sedans and hatchbacks, a two-ton jack will usually have the specifications needed for lifting a corner. SUVs and pickup trucks are much heavier vehicles with higher ground clearance and may, therefore, may require a significantly greater weight rating and maximum lift height.

What Is The Best Type Of Floor Jack?

It depends on your requirements. While steel floor jacks are stronger, more durable, longer-lasting, and less expensive than aluminum jacks, they tend to be heavier and more difficult to move around.

Hybrid floor jacks are made from a combination of steel and aluminum, with the aim of providing the best of both worlds. They are good all-around performers that usually don’t excel in any particular area.

What Are Good Floor Jacks For Trucks And SUVs?

Crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks are heavier and generally sit higher off the ground than sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars, and other low-riding vehicle types. As such, they require a floor jack with a high weight rating and maximum lift height.

The best hydraulic jack for such vehicles typically has a weight rating of at least 3-tons and a maximum lift height of 20 inches or above.

Final Thoughts 

Floor jacks are an effective and easy-to-use car repair and maintenance tool that allows a vehicle to be lifted safely and with little effort so that work can be performed on it. There are many options on the market, but finding the right one requires serious thought.

Never buy a floor jack based on price alone. Only consider the ones that have a solid build quality and the right height and weight ratings for your vehicle so that you don’t end up with a dud or, worse yet, harming yourself or damaging your vehicle.

By offering the best overall value, the Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack came out on top as the best floor jack in our detailed floor jack comparison, while the Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack took the value crown. In fact, all the jacks we reviewed are solid picks that you can depend on to get your vehicle off the ground.